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→ QLAP! 2013.03 Kame part


Do you like flowers?
Yeah, like moth orchids and roses. Even my dog is named after the orchid [ran]! At home, I always decorate with fresh flowers. Because of the stage play and such I’ve been getting lots of flowers but even so, I still go to the flower shop. I’ve come to make space right in the middle of my living room for flowers and books, if it wasn’t anything there I’d feel stern. I’ve thought of placing small items in different colors around, it’s difficult, but with flowers I can change them depending on my mood.

If giving flowers to a woman?

When thinking of what I should give as a present there’s usually the flower option coming up, even if for no reason in particular, I’d give a flower. It’s like a custom, I think that’s been the case since I was a kid. Even if it was just a 200-300 yen flowerpot, buying and taking one home to give my mother was fun. Not just on mother’s day, right. Since way back, it’s been a habit of mine to support women I guess~ I do (laugh). Maa, it’s that I’m a people pleaser. Speaking of, when I was in about 4th grade I gave my mother an imitation of a pearl as a New Year’s Gift. To this day she’s still wearing it, things like that made me happy. Knowing that, when I turned 20 I gave her a real black pearl.

Someone in KAT-TUN who suits flowers?
In our group, well there’s no one with that image (laugh). If I have to say someone, Taguchi maybe. Because in the past he was the “Prince” character type. But since I say that only because I have to name someone, this answer goes under the principle of elimination, right (laugh). On the reverse, for Nakamaru to appear with a bouquet of flowers brings me a sense of discomfort. Rather than ‘it doesn’t suit him’, I’d surprise me (laugh).

A man’s beauty is?
Beautiful…… Like Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic? Since ‘sexy’ still somewhat differs [from beautiful], it’s difficult~. But as for people, I think a stylish person is beautiful. Then, someone who properly takes care of their personal appearance. That goes for men and women alike. Speaking of myself personally, in work, my consciousness is more on the side that relates to a feminine type of beauty I think, and originally I’ve also had an interest towards “beauty”. In elementary school, even for a baseball match I put mousse in my hair, disliked whenever my hair got messed up while practicing, you know because I didn’t wear an helmet (laugh).